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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University


MakSPH Grants Administration Secretariat

The Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) Grants Administration Secretariat (GAS) provides pre and post award grants management support to faculty, students and departments engaged in research, projects and programs within the School.

The office which is under the MakSPH Finance Management Unit (FMU) is a 'one stop' point of information for faculty, graduate students and departments submitting proposals to local and international agencies and sponsors. Among other roles, the office supports faculty, graduate students and departments in the identification of funding opportunities, proposal budget development, proposal submission and compliance management for Contracts, Grants and Sub-awards. The MakSPH Grants committee guides the activities and operations of the GAS.

Grants Services

The MakSPH Grants Management Office provides pre and post-award services to faculty and staff of Makerere University School of Public Health. The office, among other roles, supports investigators in developing budgets for grant and contract proposals and in completing required compliance documents. It’s also a ‘one-stop’ point of information for all current and past grants at the school.

The Office’s Grants Management Responsibilities include:

  • Provide assistance with the development of Request for Proposal/Request For Application (RFP/RFA) and in processing applications to ensure fair consideration and efficient streamlines processes and procedures.
  • To provide a ‘one-stop’ point of information to PIs intending to submit proposals to sponsor agencies. Coordinate the grants application process
  • Review and ensure that all submitted proposals provide the required standard rates to budget
  • Evaluate proposals and ensure compliance with sponsor requirements and Uganda government tax requirements as well as other provisions and obligations such as NSSF
  • Evaluate all sub-contracts to make sure they are a) in compliance with University rules and regulations b) University/School liabilities (Legal, Financial, etc.).
  • Manage the institutions’ registrations and renewal of the required online platforms i.e. ERA Commons,,, etc
  • Submit and track proposals electronically if required
  • Maintain a searchable database of research funding information and all ongoing and completed research activities.
  • Contribute to sourcing for external funding by searching for relevant funding opportunities.
  • Support compliance by sending out timely alerts to researchers in line with financial and progress reporting requirements of contract agreements.
  • To provide administrative support for MakSPH faculty in the development and submission of proposals (e.g. budget development support, online registration and submission of grants by the Secretariat)
  • To provide additional support to MakSPH in project administration and management (e.g. ensuring that the financial and/or technical reporting requirements are fulfilled)
  • Acting as a clearinghouse for all proposals that are submitted through MakSPH and oversee the approval process for the same.

Grant Policies and Supporting Documents

Grant Policies

Grant Supporting Documents