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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Cost Effectiveness Analysis (5 Days)

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About this Course

This course introduces students to analytic methods of economic evaluation applied in health care to address the economic question of how to allocate limited health care resources to maximize health benefits. This course will teach students methods for performing a cost-effectiveness analysis of a healthcare intervention.


This course provides the expertise, collection of cost-effectiveness data, analysis,, interpret and use of  cost-effectiveness analysis results and guidelines issued by professional bodies.
The course provides the tools for conducting economic evaluations alongside clinical trials, alongside an introduction to economic modeling.  The course will involve multiple exercises to concretize concepts.


The course is designed for participants who need to perform cost-effectiveness analysis in healthcare, and those who need to understand issues that health economists face when performing these analyses.


Participants need a Master’s in health service research, master’s in public health or equivalent.

Aims of the Course

•   To provide an introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis for health care interventions
•   To give participants ‘hands-on’ experience through the use of computer-based exercises using TreeAge
•   To broaden the knowledge base of researchers through the use of practical examples and problems

Course Content

The course consists of 5-days sessions as shown below:

Resource use and costs

  • Describing cost data
  • Estimation/measurement of costs
  • Costing perspectives
  • Missing and censored cost data
  • Different Cost Analyses

Measurement of health outcomes

  • Quality of life measurement and valuation
  • Estimating life expectancy

Decision analysis and modelling

  • Role of modelling
  • Decision trees
  • Introducing Markov models

Reporting and presenting cost-effectiveness results

  • Bootstrapping
  • Displaying results on the CE plane
  • Confidence intervals for CE ratios
  • Cost-effectiveness acceptability curves
  • The net benefit approach

Course Package

Tutors give one-to-one help with the exercises.   

  • The course is thoroughly ‘hands on’. Every participant uses their own laptop for the computer-based exercises which are an integral part of the course.
  • The software packages used on the course are Treeage Pro (decision analysis software) and Excel. 


  • Dr. Joseph Kagaayi
  • Ms Christine Muhumuza
  • Dr. Aggrey Mukose
  • Mr. Chrispus Mayora