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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Dr. Edith Nakku-Joloba

Dr. Edith Nakku-Joloba

Edith Nakku-Joloba (MB,Ch.B, Ph.D) is  clinical-epidemiologist and  teaches at Makerere University College of Health Sciences, in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Kampala, Uganda. She conducts her research work in clinical care and research in communities and at the sexually transmitted diseases clinic STD Clinic,  Mulago Hospital and at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University.

She has been involved in epidemiological studies on STD and in clinical trials for HIV prevention over many years. Recently, she has done qualitative work regarding optimizing PrEP use and Maternal Syphilis testing. She has served as Site Coordinator and  principal Investigators for the Partners Demonstration Study in Kampala and is a Co-Principal investigator for the Optimization of PrEP Study at IDI in Kampala Uganda.

She is interested in methods of prevention of HIV (PrEP and others) and STD, in the promotion of sexual health and in young people's health. She has also worked with youth HIV prevention programming and research and on  improving access to STD and HIV care. Read more here…;