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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Dr. Freddie Ssengooba

Dr. Freddie Ssengooba

Dr Freddie Ssengooba is an Associate Professor of Health Economics and Health Systems Management with over 20 years of teaching and research in health policy and systems. He is the Chair of Health Policy Planning & Management (HPPM) department and Director SPEED Project and the Center for Health Policy and Systems Development (CHPSD) at Makerere University School of Public Health.

Dr. Ssengooba has background training as a medical doctor and has worked in a clinical setting, as a hospital director and as a District Health Officer in Uganda’s health system. He has a doctorate covering the intersection of public health policy and institutional economics from the University of London. In the last 17 years, Dr Ssengooba’s teaching and research scholarship have focused health policies, program design and implementation and health system developments.

Dr Ssengooba has led a multi-disciplinary team undertaking Health Systems Assessment for Uganda, National Maternal Health Review and consultative study to operationalize national plans such as safe male circumcision for HIV prevention, reproductive health and health workforce and financing reforms. Dr Ssengooba is well embedded in the national and regional health and development discourses, think-tank taskforces and as advisory boards for health agencies like National Planning Authority, WHO-Afro, Wellcome Trust, KEMRI and Health Systems Global.

He is well versed in quantitative and qualitative research methods drawing on multiple lenses and disciplines such as human medicine, public health, health economics, political economy and systems thinking. As a director of SPEED Project - a program of applied policy analyses to support universal coverage in Uganda, Dr Ssengooba leads a partnership of agencies to respond to policy problems and demand for advice from the government of Uganda. From these enterprises, Dr Ssengooba has published books, journal articles, working papers and Op-Eds.

He has supervised to completion nine doctoral fellows and over 30 masters student in his field of expertise. He has provided technical and consultancy services to WHO, DFID, USAID, World Bank, Ministries of Health, Uganda AIDS Commission and Multi-lateral and Bilateral Agencies and Foundations.