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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Dr. John B. Dhamulira

Dr. John B. Dhamulira

Dr. John Bosco M Ddamulira is a Lecturer in the Department of Disease Control and Environmental Health Science. He holds MPH degree from Makerere University, MBcHB from Mbarara University of Science and technology, and ADHSM from Mbarara University of science and technology.

He is a public health specialist with over 10 years of teaching, research, and management of public health programs. His rich background includes working with the district local government as Deputy Director of District Health services and supporting donor-funded HIV, maternal and child health projects.

His research interests are infectious diseases, currently, he is the Principle Investigator for the country-wide Global fund-funded study on the implementation of differentiated serviced delivery models of HIV services. His latest investigation has been on snakebites and snakebite envenoming in Uganda.