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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Dr. Justine Namakula - Musoke

Dr. Justine Namakula - Musoke

Dr. Namakula is a Health Systems Researcher at Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda, Department of Health policy planning and Management, with over 13 years of research and teaching. Her work mainly focuses on health systems research in stable and fragile and conflict-affected states, particularly on human resources for health, private sector in health. She also has previous experience on research related to Adolescent sexual reproductive health (sex education and Health promotion); Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence, Women Empowerment, Poverty, Vulnerability and Resilience.

Justine has background training as a social scientist, and a Master of Philosophy in Gender and development studies. She has a doctorate from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh covering the intersection of private sector provision of health services, survival and establishment of health businesses, health care markets as well as health systems reconstruction.

She is well versed with both qualitative and quantitative research methods drawing on multiple lenses and disciplines such as Behavioral sciences, Public health, Political economy analysis, Systems thinking and Economics.  As a health systems researcher on the PERFORM2Scale project, Justine applied a political economy analysis to support national and sub-national engagements, stakeholder analysis as well as project implementation. She was also instrumental in institutionalizing the human resources management thematic area in the national Quality Improvement strategic framework 2021-2025 at the Ministry of health.

Justine has provided technical and consultancy services to conduct baseline, initial context analysis, process, and outcome/endline evaluations for organisations’ such as ANNPAN Uganda, Ministry of Gender Labour and social development, World Vision Uganda, Health Child Uganda and international research programmes such as ReBUILD and PERFORM2Scale.