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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Richard Mangwi Ayiasi

Richard Mangwi Ayiasi

Dr. Mangwi is an experienced Primary Health Care Medical Doctor and an accomplished public health sector manager and supervisor, with a tested leadership profile, currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Community Health and Behavioral Sciences.

He has vast experience in managing District Health Systems and coordinating health services at the lower tiers of the health system and also proficient in Maternal, Newborn, Child Health & Nutrition.

Dr. Mangwi has previously participated in health-care delivery among internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and host communities. At the same time, worked in collaboration with UNHCR and the WFP to leverage resources to support health-care delivery among refugees and host communities.

He has extensive experience in coordinating local community structures such as Community Health Workers (CHWs); mainstreaming gender and health systems management; networking with upstream and downstream stakeholders and negotiating with health workers to develop a shared vision, teamwork, and resilience. Having coordinated local and international teams, Dr. Mangwi has acquired relevant skills to engage, accommodate and navigate the complex multicultural environment and therefore to exercise emotional intelligence.  

He is also a consultant with sufficient experience in monitoring and evaluation of health programs gained while evaluating various community programs in different parts of Uganda.