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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

A showcase of Social Innovations in Health: The SIHI African Hubs Experience

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SIHI Showcase of Social Innovations

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The SIHI Showcase of Social Innovations are events by the SIHI Network to promote social innovations identified by the various SIHI hubs. The event also seeks to deepen understanding and cultivate knowledge and best practices to support social innovations in health.

Each event will also incorporate themes such as regional contexts. Social innovators will be identified by participating SIHI hubs and the innovators or the hub, in case the innovators are unable to participate, will present about the social innovation and its relation to the theme. The following are suggested information to be included in the presentation:

  • Basic information about the social innovation in health (name, area of operations, contact information, etc.)
  • Short history and current status of the innovation
  • Challenges and how these were handled
  • Best practices identified
  • Goals, plans for development, and potential points to further support the social innovation in health

Alternatively, the social innovator may also be assigned to a panel to discuss certain topics related to the theme of the showcase.

Target date of event: February 16, 2023 at 12PM GMT

Platform: Zoom with live streaming in SIHI Global YouTube channel


  • Promote social innovations from Africa
  • Promote SIHI hubs in Africa
  • Present best practices and potential points to support social innovations in health from Africa

Target participants:

  • SIHI hubs
  • Current and potential social innovators
  • Stakeholders and potential supporters of the social innovations
  • Event will be opened to public





15 minutes to start of event

System check and final briefing for panelists and presenters


5 minutes

Opening remarks

SIHI Secretariat

Representative from African SIHI hubs

5 minutes


Presentation by innovators from Nigeria

5 minutes

Opit Kic Widows Group

Presentation by innovators from Uganda

5 minutes

My Camp Project

Presentation by SIHI Ghana hub members

15 minutes

Panel discussion

Questions will be provided beforehand

5 minutes

Imagine Social Outcomes Based Contract

Presentation by SIHI South Africa hub members

5 minutes

Community based health Insurance Innovations

Presentation by SIHI Rwanda hub members (confirm with SIHI Rwanda regarding date)

5 minutes

Presentation c/o SIHI Malawi


10 minutes

Panel discussion

Questions will be provided beforehand

5 minutes

Synthesis and final remarks



Learn from some of the exceptional inclusive health solutions that address healthcare gaps in Africa on 16 February, 12 p.m. GMT! 


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