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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA) project

Principal Investigator


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA) is a project fueling a data revolution to guide family planning programs. PMA surveys collect actionable data on a variety of Family Planning topics through a sustainable, innovation-driven data collection platform to inform governments, donors, program managers and advocates in order to drive policy and program changes.

PMA uses innovative mobile technology that supports high-quality, rapid-turnaround surveys, monitoring key health and development indicators on an annual basis and generating unique data to inform health policy and programming that better meets the needs of women and their families.

The program deploys a cadre of female resident data collectors trained in mobile data collection. 

The program is implemented by local universities and research organizations in 11 countries in both Africa and Asia. In Uganda, Makerere University School of Public Health is the Implementing Partner for PMA. PMA is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with Johns Hopkins Gates Institute (Technical Unit) and Jhpiego (Program Management Unit) as project partners.

The PMA Project at the School of Public Health (previously known as PMA2020) has implemented several annual surveys since 2014.  

In 2019, a new survey design was adopted with features including;

  • A panel approach that provides rich data on contraceptive dynamics and supply-demand factors that underlie contraceptive service utilization practice and that allow periodic cross-sectional estimates.
  • Enhanced and frequent data collection at the facility-level with client exit interviews incorporated
  • Enhanced data products that call out key findings and are easy for multiple audiences to interpret and take action and available through multiple mechanisms
  • Greater stakeholder engagement in shaping survey content and promoting data use.
  • While PMA has a core focus on family planning and reproductive health, it is expanding into other health areas.