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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

An Integrated Model to Prevent Malnutrition Among Mothers and Children below 2 years in Uganda

Principal Investigator





This project had the first phase and great acknowledgment goes to the funders of the first phase, Grand Challenges Canada. The second phase is funded by USAID through Resilient Africa Network (RAN), a project under Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH). This phase is focused on patenting, branding results from validation, and market launching. This phase has been thrilling as it sought to transition from research to service provision.


This project aims to offer innovative solutions to improve health among mothers and children in the “first a thousand days critical window of opportunity”. This is the period from conception until the child’s second birthday. The project focuses on using locally available food while offering context-specific nutrition education to empower mothers and families to prevent malnutrition among mothers and children. Part of our objectives is to divert the meagre community resources to improve livelihoods instead of treating preventable health challenges like early childhood malnutrition. The project’s trademark is “Good health starts with good nutrition”!

Key Activities/ Achievements

  • The project has established a line of patented products including a Supplementary Food Product. This product has reduced malnutrition by half among lactating, pregnant mothers and children below 2 years in rural Eastern Uganda.
  • The project has a draft Business Model to help in the marketing of the products, some of which have been identified by different partners for scale-up beyond Uganda.
  • The project team participated in several exhibitions to create awareness about the product and other services.
  •  The project has developed a rich mix of skills that have attracted more funding opportunities. These multi-disciplinary partnerships range from Business, Marketing, Food Science, and Food safety as well as Management.

Ms. Florence B. Tushemereirwe exhibiting the project products to the Ambassador of France in Uganda, Her Excellency Madam Stephanie Rivoal at the Campus France event. The event took place at Makerere University Freedom Square in January 2018. Details about the event can be found on

CO-INVESTIGATORS: Dr. Ivan Mukisa Muzira and Ms. Phellister Nakamya