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School of Public Health
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University

Center for Health Policy and Systems Development (CHPSD)


The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening in Uganda and the region. The CHPSD is a platform for coordinating health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements. The CHPSD was established to address some of the constraints that hinder the production and use of high quality evidence in policymaking, implementation and evaluation to ascertain program impact. The CHPSD plays a key role in capacity building of the health systems and support the main health reforms of government and through, policy analysis, design and testing innovations, economic and program evaluations, knowledge management and translation, and expanding the capabilities for systems management. Overall, the CHPSD offers expert policy advice and technical support for developments in the health systems and policy arena in Uganda and the east African region. The five major areas of the CHPSD are:

  1. Providing Technical Assistance to Support Universal Health Coverage Agenda;
  2. Building capacity for health systems management and governance;
  3. Creating a platform for coordination and continuous dialogue between key stakeholders including researchers, funders, and policy makers for health security and UHC;
  4. Conducting responsive implementation research; and
  5. Supporting Decision making and policy development for health system:

Currently, the Center also hosts

  1. The Health Economics Unit (HEU) – supported by the University of York, Center for Health Economics (CHE), United Kingdom.
  2. The Knowledge Management & Evidence Response Unit (KERU), supported by the Research and Innovations Funds (RIF) a collaboration between Government of Uganda and Makerere University

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